Summary and Analysis Chapter 4



Later in the evening, after the show on the pier, Marcus is thinking about how girls tend to follow him. He considers girls to be predictable and stupid. The only reason Marcus is keeping Blaze around is because she is good in bed. He sends her out for fries and then makes a move toward Ronnie. He offers to go to Florida with her.

Marcus wants to see how far he can push Ronnie, for that is how he treats all people. Blaze does his bidding; his two stooges, Teddy and Lance, are either unwilling or unable to think for themselves, and Marcus is clearly running the show while only taking care of himself.


This short chapter is told from Marcus' point of view. His initial comments reveal the type of character he is — arrogant, sexist, manipulative, and intent on demeaning others. Marcus' burning of a classmate's boat is significant, not only because it demonstrates what type of person he is, but because it foreshadows future events.