Summary and Analysis Chapter 28



Scott and Will are advancing pretty easily through the tournament. During his quarterfinal match, Will mentally revisits the events of the previous day. He imagines what would happen if he told his mother about Marcus and convinces himself that the resulting chain of events would adversely affect Scott's chances for a scholarship. He does not understand why Ronnie showed up today, but he knows that she is watching and is determined to play his best.

In the finals, Will and Scott face Tyson and Landry, a team that had not lost a match in the past two years and had beaten Will and Scott a year ago in this very tournament. Both teams split the first two games and are having a very close third game. When the score is tied at seven, during a break in the action, Will notices a fireball on the pier. Then, with the score tied at 12, Will, who has been noting Marcus' presence for some time now, glances again at the pier and sees Blaze accidentally catch on fire.

Will rushes to Blaze's side as he notices that everyone in the crowd seems too stunned to react. Thinking that an ambulance couldn't easily cross the bridge and get to the beach, he scoops up Blaze and carries her to his truck. During this time, Ronnie arrives on the scene and assists Will as they transport Blaze to the hospital.

Hours later, as Will is waiting for word regarding Blaze's surgery, he thinks about the police, who wanted to know why he transported Blaze himself instead of permitting the paramedics to do so. In the excitement, Will had forgotten that the paramedics were on the scene.

After Blaze's mom comes out to thank Will, he storms out of the ER, with Ronnie along side of him, and although he doesn't tell her where they are going, she knows it is to Bower's Point to find Marcus.

Darkness prevents Marcus and his crew from seeing Will's approach. Will slams Marcus to the ground from behind and then head-butts Teddy, breaking the thug's nose. Will knocks Lance unconscious with a knee to the face, and then attacks Marcus again. Will tackles Marcus, then head butts him and starts pounding him with his fists. Only Ronnie's intervention prevents Will from inflicting more bodily harm on Marcus.

The next morning at work, Will has to face Scott. Scott is understandably upset at the forfeiture of the finals and is questioning Will about his decision to ignore the paramedics — he views Will as very egocentric. Will, in return, tells Scott to get over himself and that he is tired of covering for Scott. Will demands that Scott tell the truth.


This chapter shows a shift in Will's character. Initially, he thinks too much about his situation — whether he can tell his mother the truth about Marcus and what Marcus might do to reduce his own potential sentence if he were caught — and does not act.

When Will does not think, he behaves more admirably, although he is also being foolhardy. He instinctively races toward Blaze when she accidentally catches on fire and takes her to the hospital without thinking. This demonstrates where his priorities are.

When Will races to find Marcus later in the evening, or when he starts a fight with Marcus and his cronies, he is not thinking about his own safety or of Ronnie's safety. Arguably, both of these actions — transporting Blaze and beating Marcus — were the wrong things done for the right reasons.

The showdown with Scott the next morning is also very telling. Both friends are mad at one another for basically the same reason — each thinks the other is extremely self-centered and cares little for the wants and needs of the other. Scott's jealousy and insecurity come through, and even though Will demands that Scott own up to what he has done, Scott is unwilling and unable to do so.

In this chapter, Will finally stands up to Marcus and to Scott. He is no longer going to let either of them influence him. Will confided in Megan on the night of her wedding, and now the only person who does not know about the church fire is Ronnie. Will needs to find the strength to come clean to her, too.


Adrenaline a hormone, known as epinephrine, that is secreted during times of stress