Summary and Analysis Chapter 18



Will is at a volleyball scrimmage and Scott is accusing him of not focusing. Scott teases Will about Ronnie, and Will gets frustrated with him. Scott warns Will against getting serious with Ronnie. Soon, though, Ronnie shows up and invites Will to an informal family dinner. He insists on going home to change, and on the way to his house, Ronnie finds a picture of Will's sister and asks about the macramé bracelet he wears. He appreciates the fact that she respects his not wanting to talk about it. The chapter ends with them arriving at Will's home and Ronnie growing quiet at the sight of it.


This chapter is another opportunity for readers to see Scott for who he really is and to witness Will and Scott's relationship in action. In neither situation is Scott particularly impressive — his private self matches his public self.

As Will and Ronnie drive to his house, their playful teasing in the car about duck hunting doesn't turn serious, though it could. Will's refusal to elaborate on the significance of the macramé bracelets is intriguing. All of these are signs of a growing romance and friendship, as Will and Ronnie begin to learn more about each other. It is significant that Will doesn't notice Ronnie growing quiet at the sight of his house — there is a discrepancy in how they understand their socioeconomic statuses.


The Lost Boys a 1980s film about a group of vampires living near a California amusement park town

Elvira fictional 1980s character who is a horror hostess

Vampira fictional 1950s character who is a horror hostess

Cruella d Vil fictional villain from 101 Dalmatians

Letterman late night television host