Summary and Analysis Chapter 15



Marcus is thinking through the events of the previous days. Initially he is pleased that Blaze's actions will push Ronnie toward him, but when that does not happen, he gets annoyed. He sees Will outside Ronnie's house, and when Ronnie comes out to talk with him, Marcus recognizes their interest in each other, which annoys him even more.

Finally, after Will leaves, Marcus predicts one of two reactions from Ronnie toward his presence: she will either race toward him or slink away from him. He does not expect or appreciate her staying and standing defiantly.


This short chapter provides more insight into Marcus' character and his inability to deal with his feelings. Marcus is annoyed with Teddy, Lance, and Blaze, as well as with himself. Marcus hates not being in control, hence his annoyance and anger.

By giving readers access to information that is being withheld from Ronnie, Sparks continues to build suspense and develop his characters.