Study Help Essay Questions


1. Forgiveness is an important thematic topic in The Last Song. Which act of forgiveness is most significant? Why? What do all of these individual examples of forgiveness say about the role of forgiveness in our lives?

2. Authors develop characters in a variety of ways, but one of the strongest ways to develop a character is through his actions. One of Steve's strengths as a father is the way he leads by example. What other characters reveal more about themselves by what they do rather than by what they say?

3. A symbol is any object that not only has meaning in and of itself but also represents something else. Some of the most important symbols in The Last Song include fire, the loggerhead nest, the piano, and the last song. Select a symbol from the novel and trace its use throughout the novel. Analyze its effect on character, plot, and thematic development.

4. The Last Song explores various notions and aspects of loss — physical, emotional, spiritual, literal, and metaphorical. Select two central characters from the novel and compare/contrast their reactions to what they lose and how they deal with that loss.

5. Various types of love and relationships — such as paternal, brotherly, romantic — exist throughout The Last Song. Select one specific relationship and trace its development through the course of the novel. What thematic significance does this relationship have on the text as a whole?