Character Analysis Will


Initially, Will also appears to be too good to be true. He seems to have it all — good looks, athletic ability, a family of means, good friends, and a good job. But Will has secrets, and these good things are only what are on the surface.

Will is privately dealing with various kinds of guilt: guilt about the untimely death of his brother; guilt about the origins of the fire; guilt about not acting on his knowledge; and guilt about not telling Ronnie the truth. He is admirable but by no means perfect — a well-rounded character.

There is a moment of irony when Ronnie discovers that Will was not avoiding her when he went away to school. He was giving her the gift of time, which was the best thing he could have possibly given her. When he comes back for Steve's funeral, Ronnie isn't sure whether he is giving her the brush off when he claims that he will call her after he returns home from Europe. Fortunately, Will surprises her in New York, demonstrating both a thoughtful and playful side, indicating that even though summers always come to an end, their love is enduring.