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accent a distinguishing regional or national manner of pronunciation; here, Piggy's manner of speech, characterized by his use of double negatives and informal contractions.

acrid sharp, bitter, stinging, or irritating to the taste or smell.

altos the boys who sing in the vocal range between tenor and soprano.

antiphonal sung or chanted in alternation.

barmy [Brit. Slang] crazy.

batty [Slang] crazy or eccentric.

bloody [Vulgar Brit. Slang] cursed; damned.

bogie an imaginary evil being or spirit; goblin.

bollocks a vulgar slang exclamation expressing anger, disbelief, etc.

bomb happy [Slang, Chiefly Brit.] crazy; insane.

bowstave here, slightly curved arc like that of a bow.

brine water full of salt.

bum [Brit. Slang] the buttocks.

caps of maintenance caps bearing a school insignia.

Coral Island Robert Ballantyne's 1857 adventure tale about three boys shipwrecked on a Pacific island and their triumph over their circumstances.

cordon a line or circle, as of soldiers or ships, stationed around an area to guard it.

coverts covered or protected places; shelters.

cracked [Informal] mentally unbalanced; crazy.

crackers [Slang, Chiefly Brit.] crazy; insane.

creepers any plants whose stems put out tendrils or rootlets by which the plants can creep along a surface as they grow.

cutter a boat carried, esp. formerly, aboard large ships to transport personnel or supplies.

dazzle paint British term for camouflage; the disguising of troops, ships, guns, etc. to conceal them from the enemy, as by the use of paint, nets, or leaves in patterns merging with the background.

derision contempt or ridicule.

diddle [Informal] to move back and forth jerkily or rapidly; juggle.

diffident lacking self-confidence; timid; shy.

do us here, kill us.

dun dull grayish-brown.

embroil to draw into a conflict or fight; involve in trouble.

epaulette shoulder ornament as for military uniforms.

essay to try; attempt.

funk a cowering or flinching through fear; panic.

garter an elastic band, or a fastener suspended from a band, girdle, etc., for holding a stocking or sock in position.

gesticulate to make or use gestures, esp. with the hands and arms, as in adding nuances or force to one's speech, or as a substitute for speech.

Gib., Addis abbreviations for Gibraltar and Addis Ababa, respectively; refueling stops the evacuation plane made before crashing on the island.

gibber to speak or utter rapidly and incoherently; chatter unintelligibly.

Give him a fourpenny one hit him on the jaw.

half here, considerably; very much.

Ha'porth contraction of "a halfpenny's worth," meaning a very small amount.

head boy an honorary title given to a student who has made the best all-around contribution to student life and maintains exemplary conduct.

Home Counties the counties nearest London.

impervious not affected by something or not feeling the effects of something.

inimical hostile; unfriendly.

jolly [Brit. Informal] very; altogether.

lamp standard lamppost.

lavatory [Chiefly Brit.] a flush toilet.

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