Summary and Analysis Book 7: Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere: The Poisoned Apple


After the Grail Quest, Sir Launcelot soon falls to his old adulterous love again, despite his good intentions. But the queen, irrationally jealous because of his long absence from her on the Grail Quest, banishes him. To show that she is not grieved by his departure, she has a feast. There a knight is poisoned. Guinevere is falsely accused of the murder and condemned to burn: no man there will take her part. She goes to Launcelot's friend Bors, who agrees to be her champion provided no better knight can be found; he then tells Launcelot, who comes to fight for her. He overcomes Sir Mador and frees the queen. Nineve, the Lady of the Lake, reveals the true murderer, Sir Pinel, who intended the apple for Gawain as vengeance for the murder of Lamerok.