Character List


Arthur Son of Uther Pendragon and Igrayne, Arthur is given to Merlin the magician, who later counsels him in all matters. Sir Ector raises the boy until he pulls the sword, Excalibur, from the stone. He then becomes the mightiest king of his time.

Uther Pendragon The mightiest of all English kings. Uther is the father of King Arthur as well as three daughters.

Igrayne The wife of the Duke of Cornwall. Uther Pendragon seduces and later marries her. She is the mother of King Arthur.

Merlin The magician who counsels King Arthur.

Lot A king married to one of Uther Pendragon's daughters. Arthur seduces Lot's wife, not knowing that she is Arthur's own sister, and they are the parents of Mordred. King Lot is one of the eleven kings who are hostile to Arthur; he is slain by Pellanor.

Mordred Arthur's son by his sister, Lot's wife. Merlin prophesies that Mordred will destroy Arthur; they kill each other in a battle for the throne of England. Mordred is half-brother to Gawain, Gareth, Gaheris, and Aggravain.

Nantres A king married to one of Uther Pendragon's daughters. King Nantres is one of the eleven kings who are hostile to Arthur.

Morgan le Fay Uther Pendragon's third daughter; she later marries King Uriens. She tries to kill Arthur so that her lover, Accolon, can be king.

Accolon Morgan le Fay's lover.

Ector The knight who raised Arthur until the boy pulled the sword from the stone and claimed his right to the throne. Ector goes on the Grail Quest but fails.

Kay Sir Ector's son. He is knighted by Arthur and later goes with Arthur on a pilgrimage to St. Michael's Mount.

Ban and Bors Two kings from overseas who are loyal to Arthur. Bors goes on the Grail Quest and assists Galahad.

Lionel Bors' brother. Bors chooses to save a maiden from rape instead of saving Lionel from a beating, and Lionel tries unsuccessfully to kill Bors in revenge.

Lodegreaunce A king aided by Arthur, Ban, and Bors.

Gawain One of King Lot's sons, he is knighted by Arthur and sits at the Round Table. He is good friends with Launcelot, who later kills him in a battle. He goes on the Grail Quest but fails.

Gareth Another of King Lot's sons and the most noble. He arrives at the court anonymously, but he proves himself in battle, beating six thieves, two knights, the Black Knight, the Green Knight, Sir Persaunt of Inde, the Red Knight of the Red Lands, and the Brown Knight without Pity. Launcelot kills Gareth at the failed execution of Guinevere, even though Gareth was unarmed and against the execution.

Gaheris, Aggravain Two of King Lot's sons. Gaheris kills his own mother and is slain by Launcelot at Guinevere's failed execution. Aggravain spreads the news of Launcelot's and Guinevere's affair and is later killed by Launcelot.

Pellanor Hunter of the Questing Beast.

Gryfflet A young squire whose father is killed by Sir Pellanor. He asks to be made a knight to avenge his father's death.

Percival Welsh son of Pellanor who, along with his brother, Lamerok, is among the most valiant knights at the Round Table. He goes on the Grail Quest and assists Galahad. Percival later experiences religious conversion with the help of his aunt and holy man; he embraces the New Law (faith, hope, belief, and baptism), renounces the Devil, and becomes a hermit.

Lamerok Welsh son of Pellanor and brother of Percival; a highly regarded knight at the Round Table. Lamerok sends a magical cup to King Mark to test whether Mark's wife, Isode, is loyal. Lamerok later falls in love with Lot's widow, who is killed by her son Gaheris. Gaheris and Gawain later murder Lamerok.

Tor Bastard son of Pellanor who is dubbed a knight by King Arthur and later promoted to the Round Table.

Bagdemagus A minor knight who is angry when Tor is admitted to the Round Table. He leaves the court, intent on proving his worth. He finds Merlin in the cave, but Merlin tells him to ride on.

Royns of North Wales A powerful king who vanquishes the eleven kings who are hostile to Arthur. He is killed by Balyn and Balan.

Nero King Royns' brother, who is out to avenge his brother's death. An ally of King Lot's.

The Lady of the Lake The woman who gives Arthur his new sword, after he loses it in a fight with Pellanor. It belonged to her lover, who was killed his own brother. She then takes the sword to Lady Lyle of Avilon, who misused it.

Lady Lyle of Avilon A woman who wears a sword and scabbard at all times; she searches for the best and hardiest man in the kingdom to pull it out. Sir Balyn is that man.

Balyn He pulls out the Lady of Avilon's sword, and then beheads the Lady of the Lake, who killed his mother. This act loses Arthur's respect for Balyn. He kills Launceor and Launceor's lady, and he kills Garlon. He is also called The Knight of the Two Swords, and he both kills and is killed by his brother, Balan.

Balan Sir Balyn's brother.

Launceor of Ireland One of Arthur's knights; he sets out after Balyn to avenge the Lady of the Lake's death, but is killed by him, instead.

Mark A relative of Launceor's who wants to avenge his death. Merlin tells King Mark that Launcelot du Lake and Tristam (Mark's nephew) will one day fight the greatest battle ever fought between two knights. Mark's unchecked jealousy of Tristam is his downfall.

Bodwyne Mark's brother and a noble fighter whom Mark murders him in a fit of jealousy. Bodwyne's child, Alexander, grows up to be a knight who seeks revenge on Mark, but Mark is able to kill him first.

Garlon An invisible knight who kills other knights; Garlon lives with King Pellam, his brother. Balyn kills Garlon.

Pellam Garlon's brother; Pellam fights with Balyn to avenge Garlon's death. Having lost his sword, Balyn uses a spear to fight, and when he does, Pellam's castle falls, killing everyone except Pellam and Balyn. Merlin later reveals that the spear was used to kill Christ and predicts that Pellam will not be whole again until Galahad heals him in the Grail Quest. Pellam is also called the Maimed King.

Guinevere Arthur's wife and Launcelot's lover. Guinevere encourages moral and chivalrous behavior from the knights, and she dearly loves and is loved by both Arthur and Launcelot.

Laudegreaunce Guinevere's father, who gives Arthur the Round Table.

Laucelot du Lake Ban's son, who is considered the greatest knight in the world and remains devoted to Guinevere throughout his life. Because of his deep friendship with Tristam, Launcelot gives Tristam his castle, Joyous Gard, so that Tristam can live there with Isode in peace. Launcelot is later tricked into sleeping with Elayne, who bears his son, Galahad, the celebrated knight who succeeds in the Grail Quest. As a result of his affair, Guinevere banishes Launcelot from Camelot, and he goes half-mad with grief. Elayne arranges for his healing by the Grail, and Launcelot is welcomed back to Camelot.

Elayne Pellas' daughter who bears Launcelot's son, Galahad.

Galahad Elayne's and Launcelot's son. Galahad fills the Sege Perilous, the seat at the Round Table that no man has been worthy enough to fill. He also pulls the sword from the floating stone, thus gaining the title of the best knight in the world but also accepting the sword's curse that it will later cause a grievous wound. Galahad is the knight who achieves the Grail Quest.

Melias A knight who rides with Galahad.

Tristam (Tristan) Son of King Melyodas de Lyones and the sister of King Mark of Cornwall; his name means "sorrowful-born." He kills Marhault to free his uncle from a debt owed to King Angwyssh of Ireland. He then falls in love with Isode (Isolde), Angwyssh's daughter, for whom he fights Palomydes. Isode who later marries Tristam's uncle Mark, although he and Isode remain lovers. Also known as The Knight with the Black Shield when sent into exile by Mark, Tristam fights and beats many of Arthur's knights. Through a series of tricks and misunderstandings, he fights Launcelot beside the old tomb of Lanceor, where Merlin earlier prophesied that the two greatest knights — and greatest friends — would duel. They recognize each other and stop fighting; Lancelot takes Tristam back to Camelot, where he is made a knight at the Round Table.

Palomydes Isode's suitor, whom Tristam defeats over and over. They are imprisoned together, along with Dynadin. Palomydes later protects King Mark when no one else will, although he, too, soon becomes disgusted with Mark. Palomydes avenges the death of the king of the Red City and eventually befriends Launcelot and Tristam.

Andret Tristram's cousin, who sides with Mark.

Nineve A maiden brought by Pellanore into court. Merlin falls in love with her, but she refuses him. She does, however, learn much of his magical secrets and kills him by magically sealing him in a cave. She is also called the Damsel of the Lake.

Pellas King Pellam's son. Nineve puts a spell on him, and they live happily together.

King Damas A cowardly king who seizes knights and tries to force them to fight against his brother.

Ywain Morgan le Fay's son; he keeps her from killing her husband, King Uriens. He and Gawain are close friends. Arthur banishes Ywain from Camelot, but he later welcomes him back. On the Grail Quest, Gawain unintentionally kills Ywain.

Manessen Accolon's cousin, whom Morgan le Fay saves from an execution.

Marhault A man who is said to scorn all women. In a tournament with Gawain and Ywain, he is valiant.

Cador A knight at the Round Table who relishes honorable wars. He travels with Launcelot to take Roman prisoners to Paris.

Gains A knight at Emperor Lucius' court who is beheaded by Gawain after mocking him.

Priamus A Saracen knight who fights Gawain and aids the knights as they fight the Roman soldiers.

Aunowre A sorceress who captures Arthur and tries to destroy him when he remains faithful to Guinevere.

Sir La Cote Male Tale (The Knight with the Ugly Coat) This man in a tattered coat saves Guinevere from a lion, and he is knighted for his bravery.

Damsel Meledysaunt (Ugly-Talking) A young woman who constantly mocks others, she is scolded by Launcelot and, as a result, changes her behavior. He renames her Damsel Beau-Pensaunt (Beautiful of Thought).

Dynadin A knight who is thrown in prison with Tristam and Palomydes.

Evelake (Mordrayns) A four-hundred-year-old wounded knight whose prays to remain alive until he sees the knight who will achieve the Grail Quest. When he embraces Galahad, he dies.

Pinel A knight who tries to poison Gawain to avenge Lamerok's murder.

Lady of Astalot A maiden in love with Launcelot; he wears her token of love on his sleeve because he is trying to disguise himself. She dies of grief when Launcelot leaves her.

Lavine The brother of the Lady of Astalot; he fights on Launcelot's side.

Urry A knight who is healed from his wounds by Launcelot; Urry pledges his devotion to Launcelot.

Melliagaunce A knight who lusts after Guinevere and kidnaps her. He is later killed by Launcelot.

Lucan and Bedivere The last two knights left standing with Arthur in his battle against Mordred.