King Lear By William Shakespeare Act I: Scene 1

Persons Represented.

Lear, King of Britain.
King of France.
Duke of Burgundy.
Duke of Cornwall.
Duke of Albany.
Earl of Kent.
Earl of Gloster.
Edgar, Son to Gloster.
Edmund, Bastard Son to Gloster.
Curan, a Courtier.
Old Man, Tenant to Gloster.
Oswald, steward to Goneril.
An Officer employed by Edmund.
Gentleman, attendant on Cordelia.
A Herald.
Servants to Cornwall.

Goneril, daughter to Lear.
Regan, daughter to Lear.
Cordelia, daughter to Lear.

Knights attending on the King, Officers, Messengers, Soldiers,
and Attendants.

Scene, — Britain.

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