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alteration change (of mind).

answer any act in response or retaliation.

apprehension capture or arrest.

arbitrement an absolute and final decision.

attaint to prove guilty.

avouched asserted; affirmed.

ballow a short, thick stick or club.

bandy to give and take; specifically, to exchange (words) in an angry or argumentative manner.

bans curses.

belike quite likely; probably.

bemadding maddening.

bend 1 to turn or direct. 2 to cause to have a fixed purpose; determine; aim.

bending overhanging; prominent.

bending to turn or direct.

benison a blessing; benediction.

besort to be suitable to.

blood parental heritage; family line; lineage.

bourn a limit; boundary; a domain.

braz'd 1 made of, or coated with, brass or a brasslike substance. 2 made hard like brass.

briefness sudden action; a short duration or length.

cadent falling.

carbonado to cut gashes in; slash; hack.

cataracts floodgate (of heaven).

century a military unit, originally made up of 100 men.

character style of printing or handwriting.

clipp'd inaccurate through omission.

cock a small boat propelled by oars, esp. one used as a ship's tender.

conceit a flight of imagination; fancy.

convenient appropriate; suitable.

cope to meet, encounter, or have to do (with).

cowish timid; cowardly.

coxcomb a cap topped with a notched strip of red cloth like a cock's comb, formerly worn by jesters.

cullionly low, contemptible.

curious highly detailed, as in workmanship; elaborate.

daub it further disguise it further.

dearn gloomy; bleak.

defuse 1 complicate. 2 to render harmless.

descent the lowest point; here, the sole of a shoe.

dog-hearted ferocious; cruel; pitiless.

faith'd approved; endorsed.

felicitate made happy.

festinate hurried.

fetches tricks; dodges.

finical finicky.

fire extreme suffering or distress that tries one's endurance; tribulation or ordeal.

first cock midnight.

fitchew lewd woman; prostitute.

flesh to begin; activate.

footed secured.

fordone destroyed, killed, ruined, etc.

forfended prohibited; forbidden.

gauntlet 1 a medieval glove, usually of leather covered with metal plates, worn by knights in armor to protect the hand in combat. 2 throw down the gauntlet to challenge, as to combat.

goatish lustful; lecherous.

good host shelterer, entertainer.

green mantle a surface covered with scum or froth.

greet the time hurry; meet the emergency.

horse-way horse path.

idle frivolous; silly.

idle having no value, use, or significance; worthless.

ill affected unfaithful.

imports to mean; signify.

jakes an outdoor toilet; privy.

joint-stool a stool made with jointed parts.

justicers legal officials; judges.

kibes a chapped or ulcerated chilblain especially on the heel.

lendings things that one has let another have use of temporarily and on condition that they, or equivalents, be returned.

list a wish; a craving, desire, or inclination.

long-engrafted firmly established.

make from to stay away from; avoid.

maugre in spite of.

meiny attendants, collectively; retinue or household.

minikin very small and delicate; diminutive.

moiety 1 a half; either of two equal, or more or less equal, parts. 2 an indefinite share or part.

more composition the act of composing, or putting together a whole by combining parts.

nether-stocks tights or stockings.

nighted made dark; black.

of her bosom have her trust or confidence.

offices the function or characteristic action of a particular thing.

opposeless irresistible.

out wall outside; exterior.

out-paramour'd having more lovers or mistresses.

pawn anything given as security, as for a debt, performance of an action, and so on; pledge; guaranty.

plackets pockets, especially in a woman's skirt or a petticoat.

plain to complain.

portable bearable; endurable.

pricks any of various pointed objects, as a thorn, goad, and so on.

proper fine; good; handsome.

propinquity nearness of relationship; kinship.

punder confusion; excitement.

quarrels a cause for dispute.

question communication; an asking; inquiry.

questrists seekers; pursuers.

rank growing vigorously and coarsely; overly luxuriant.

recreant failing to keep faith; disloyal; traitorous; apostate.

remotion 1 the act of removing. 2 inaccessibility.

rings the outer edge or border of something circular; rim, as of a wheel.

roundest outspoken; plain and blunt; straightforward.

ruffle to disturb, irritate, or annoy; to take away the smoothness of; wrinkle; ripple.

silly-ducking submissive.

simples a medicinal herb; a medicine made from a plant.

sliver to cut or break into slivers.

smilets small smiles; half-smiles.

snuffs disputes; squabbles.

sovereign above or superior to all others; chief; greatest; supreme.

speed to have good fortune; prosper; succeed.

squiny to squint.

straight immediately.

strain ancestry; lineage; descent.

superfluous extravagant; prodigal.

take upon be interested in.

taking contagious; infectious.

tranc'd a stunned condition; daze; stupor.

trick a personal habit or mannerism.

trundle-tail a dog with a curled tail.

unpriz'd precious to be unimportant to one person, but appreciated or valued highly by another.

vaunt-couriers a forerunner; precursor.

welk'd r idged or twisted.

white flakes white hair.

wide-skirted vast; extensive.

yokefellow a companion, partner, or associate.