King Henry IV, Part 1 By William Shakespeare Act III: Scene 3

O, I do not like that paying back; 'tis a double labour.

I am good friends with my father, and may do any thing.

Rob me the exchequer the first thing thou doest, and do it with
unwash'd hands too.

Do, my lord.

I have procured thee, Jack, a charge of Foot.

I would it had been of Horse. Where shall I find one that can steal
well? O, for a fine thief, of the age of two-and-twenty or thereabouts!
I am heinously unprovided. Well, God be thanked for these rebels; they
offend none but the virtuous: I laud them, I praise them.

Bardolph, —

My lord?

Go bear this letter to Lord John of Lancaster,

My brother John; this to my Lord of Westmoreland. —

[Exit Bardolph.]

Go, Pointz, to horse, to horse; for thou and I
Have thirty miles to ride yet ere dinner-time. —

[Exit Pointz.]

Meet me to-morrow, Jack, i' the Temple-hall
At two o'clock in th' afternoon:
There shalt thou know thy charge; and there receive
Money and order for their furniture.
The land is burning; Percy stands on high;
And either they or we must lower lie.


Rare words! brave world! — Hostess, my breakfast; come: —
O, I could wish this tavern were my drum!


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