Character List


Jude Fawley A young man of obscure origins who aspires to a university education and a place in the church and who learns the trade of ecclesiastical stonework to help him realize his goals.

Sue Bridehead Jude's cousin, an intelligent, unconventional young woman whom Jude loves and lives with but who is twice married to Phillotson.

Arabella Donn A sensually attractive young woman whom Jude marries twice and who in between is married to Cartlett.

Richard Phillotson Jude's former teacher who has the same aspirations as his pupil.

Little Father Time (Jude The son of Jude and Arabella.

Drusilla Fawley Jude's great-aunt, who raises Jude.

Physician Vilbert A quack doctor of local reputation.

Mrs. Edlin A widow who looks after Drusilla Fawley before she dies and who is a friend to Jude and Sue.

Mr. Donn Arabella's father, a pig farmer and later owner of a pork shop.

Anny A girl friend of Arabella's.

Cartlett Arabella's "Australian husband."

George Gillingham A teacher friend of Phillotson's.

Tinker Taylor A "decayed church-ironmonger" and drinking companion of Jude's.