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Aldhelm of a scholar and church-builder of the seventh

alembic an apparatus formerly used in distillation

anchorite one who renounces the world to live in seclusion

arblast crossbow

arbor the pluck of the deer

arrant notoriously or pre-eminently bad

assoilize absolve

Auferte malum ex vobis. Remove the evil from among you.

Baldric belt worn over the shoulder to support a sword or bugle

Benedicite, mes filz Bless you my children.

benison blessing, benediction

biggin child's cap

bucklers kinds of shields worn on one of the arms to protect the front of the body

buckram coarse cloth

byzants a Byzantine gold coin

cabalistic pertaining to mystic symbols

caftaned wearing a long-sleeved gown fastened by a girdle (a caftan)

cap-a-pie from head to foot

capul horse

caracoled half turn to the right and half turn to the left, zigzagged

Cave, adsum Beware, I am here.

chamberlain a steward

chian wine of Chios, an island of Asia Minor

choleric producing biliousness

Clifford's Gate in Clifford's Tower (did not exist in Richard's reign)

cnichts according to Saxon usage a class of military attendants ranking above the ordinary domestic; now spelled "knight" and ranking with Norman chevalier

complaisance disposition to please or oblige

Confiteor. I confess.

cri de guerre war cry

crisping-tongs curling iron

crosier the staff of a bishop or abbot, shaped like a shepherd's crook

curee the portion of the deer given to the hounds

dais a platform above the floor of a large room

damascene to decorate, as iron or steel, with a peculiar marking or "water" produced in the manufacture

de commilitonibus Templi in sancta civitate, qui cum miserrimis mulieribus versantur, propter oblectationem carnis concerning the brethren in arms of the holy community of the Temple who frequent the company of misguided women for the gratification of their fleshly lusts

de lectione literarum on the reading of letters

De profundis clamavi. Out of the depths have I called.

derry-down chorus chorus to the hymns of the Druids

Despardieux! By God!

destrier war horse

Deus vobiscum God be with you; a priest

donative gift or present

doublet a close-fitting jacket

Drinc Hael. I drink your health.

druidical having to do with members of a religious order in ancient Gaul, Britain, and Ire land

dunghills lowbred fellows

ecclesiastica woman devoted to religion, or to the church

el jerrid a javelin used in Oriental games, especially in mock-fights on horseback

embrasure a recess of door or window (machicolles)

en croupe behind the saddle

escutcheons the surface of a shield where armorial bearings are displayed

essoine in this case, excuse

estrada a slightly raised platform

Et vobis; quoeso, Reverendissime, pro misericordia vestra And with you; Omost reverend master, beseech you, in your mercy.

Eumaeus swineherd in Homer's Odyssey

exceptis excipiendis except what is to be excepted

Excommunicabo vos. I will excommunicate you.

exorcism the act of driving off evil spirits

faire le moulinet to twirl about, flourish a quarter staff

Faites vos devoirs, preux chevaliers. Do your duty, brave knights.

Fiat voluntas tua. Thy will be done.

fleurs-de-lis heraldic lilies

flints men of the right sort

Fructus The Chronicles of England with the Fruit of the

gammon a ham or lower half of bacon side,

Gare le corbeau Beware of the raven.

gibbets a kind of gallows where malefactors were left hanging as a warning

grace-cup a cup used in drinking a final health after the grace at the end of a meal, or a health drunk from it

halfling the half of a silver penny

halidom holiness, sanctity; sanctuary, holy relics

harlequin a character in a comedy and pantomime having shaven head, masked face, parti-colored tights, and a sword of lath

hauberk a coat of mail developed into a long tunic of chain mail; part of medieval armor

heathenesse heathenism; heathendom

hengist, or hengst means stallion, the white horse as Saxon ensign

hinds peasants

inter res sacras accounted sacred

karum pie a pie containing nightingales and becca ficoes (blackcaps)

King Oberon fairy king in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

A la rescousee. To the rescue.

La Royne de Beaulte et des Amours the Queen of Beauty and of Love

lac acidum sour milk

lac dulce sweet milk

Laissez aller! Let go! Away!

largesse a gift

latro famosus famous robber

lazarus Biblical beggar

le don d'smoutrux merci the highest favor that love can bestow

levin-fire lightning

loadstar (lodestar) a star that leads, especially the polestar

malapert bold, impudent; saucy, pert

Malmsbury century

mantelets temporary and movable defenses formed of planks

manus imponere servos Domini in to lay hands on the servant of the Lord

maroquin Morroco, goat's leather

matins morning prayers

morat drink made of honey flavored with the juice of mulberries

morion a foot soldier's visor-less high crested helmet

mort a bugle call at the death of a stag

Mort de ma vie! Death of my life!

Mount Joye Saint Denis a war cry of the French Crusaders

murrain a pestilence or plague

nebulo quidam good for nothing fellow, scamp

nidering infamous, base, cowardly

nocturnal potations night of drinking

nombles the entrails of the deer

objurgations denouncement

Odin Norse god of war; of those slain in battle; and of wisdom, and of poetry

oubliette a dungeon, deep pit or shaft in a dungeon

outrecuidance insolence, presumption

panegyric eulogistic oration

par amours illicitly, unlawfully

Partizan any member of a military body harassing an enemy

Patrimony an estate inherited from one's father or other ancestor

pavisses species of large shields covering the whole person

Pax vobiscum. Peace be with you.

peccadillo slight offenses; petty faults

phalanx body of troops closely arrayed (here, birds)

phlebotomy the practice of opening a vein for the letting of blood

physiognomists persons who attempt to discover temperament by the outward appearance, especially of the face

pigments highly spiced wine sweetened with honey

pouncet-box a box for carrying pornander (perfume)

primogeniture firstborn child of the same parents

propter necessitatem et ad frigus depellendurn in case of necessity and to drive away the cold

pursy short-winded because of overweight

purveyors caterers, officers who exact provisions

Quare fremeurunt gentes? Why do the heathen rage?

quondam having been formerly; former; sometime

recheat a signal to the hounds to return from following a false scent

refectories dining halls in a monastery or convent

reliquary small box, casket, or shrine for keeping a relic

rere-supper late night meal after the regular meal

Rex delectabitur pulchritucine tua. The king shall rejoice in thy beauty.

runlet a small barrel

sallyport a rear gate, or an underground passage

Semper percutiatur leo. The ravening lion is ever to be beaten down.

Shadrach, Meshech, Abednego Bible characters who abstained from the heathen king's meat and drink

shekel an ancient weight and money unit, or coin. Hebrew shekel for gold about 252 2/3 grains (about $10.88)

Shylock Jew in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

si quis, suadente diabolo If anyone at the persuasion of the devil

Sibyl prophetess; fortune-teller

simarre a woman's light, loose robe

Sir Bevis of Hampton, a hero of a medieval romance

Sir Guy the hero of a medieval romance

slot-hounds a sleuth hound, bloodhound

smoked or dried

solere a garret or upper chamber

soul-scat a funeral due paid to the church

St. Dunstan Saxon saint and archbishop of Canterbury in the tenth century

stoup a small cask

surquedy insolence, or presumption

talents a unit of money, worth about 50 Hebrew shekels

te igitur the servicebook, on which oaths were sworn

Temporum Times

theow and esne thrall and bondsman

Thor Norse god of thunder, god of strength, and helper in war

Tracy, Morville, Brito slayers of Thomas-a-Becket

transmew change

tregetour conjuror

truncheon a short staff or cudgel

unguent a salve for sores, burns, or the like ointment

unhouseled not having had the Eucharist administered

Ut leo semper feriatur. Let the lion always be beaten down.

Ut omnium mulierum fugiantur oscula. Let all kissing be avoided.

varlet attendant, servant

Vinum Loetificat cor hominis. Wine maketh glad the heart of man.

Vizard mask or visor

Waes hael. To your health.

Watling Street an old Roman road from Dover to the neighborhood of Newcastle-on-Tyne

witenagemotes the Anglo-Saxon great council or parliament

Woden, or Odin the chief god of ancient Teutonic mythology

Wot ye? What do you think? What do you know?

yeoman in this case freeborn men, or freedmen

zecchins a Venetian coin, about 9s.4d.

Zernebock the black god or Devil of the Wends and Prussian Slavs

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