Character List


Cedric Saxon thane; called by the Normans a franklin.

Wilfred of Ivanhoe Son of Cedric; follower of King Richard.

Rowena Ward of Cedric; descendant of King Alfred.

Athelstane Cedric's choice of a husband for Rowena; descendant of noble Saxon line.

Isaac Jewish moneylender of York.

Rebecca Isaac's daughter; skilled in the art of healing.

Richard Plantagenet King Richard of England; called the Lion-Hearted king. He was made captive by the Duke of Austria on his way back to England from a Crusade.

John Plantagenet Brother of Richard who occupied throne during King Richard's absence.

Waldemar Fitzurse Adviser to Prince John.

Maurice de Bracy Knight attached to Prince John's retinue.

Philip Malvoisin Norman in league with Prince John.

Albert Malvoisin Preceptor at Templestowe.

Front de Boeuf Norman lord to whom Prince John had given the fief of Ivanhoe.

Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx Cisterian monk of the Abbey of Jorvaulx.

Brian de Bois-Guilbert Knight of the Order of Knights Templar recently returned from Crusades.

Lucas Beaumanoir Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Locksley (Robin Hood) Leader of the band of forest outlaws.

Friar Tuck (Clerk of Copmanhurst) Hedge Priest of the outlaw band.

Allan-a-Dale Minstrel member of outlaws.

Ulrica (Urfried) Crone in the castle of Torquilstone; daughter of Torquil Wolfganger, friend of Cedric's father.

Wamba Jester bondsman of Cedric.

Gurth Swineherd for Cedric.

Edith Athelstane's mother.

Elgitha Rowena's maid.

Nathan Ben Israel Hebrew Rabbi, adviser to Isaac.

Oswald Cedric's cupbearer.

Higg, Son of Snell Peasant witness at Rebecca's trial.

Conrade de Mont-Fitchet Preceptor of Templestowe.

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