Brian De Bois-Guilbert

The haughty Templar is a striking figure and a bold, though unprincipled, knight. His Saracen slaves attest to his subjugation of one people while seeking to advance the cause of another. He meets his match in Ivanhoe and the disgrace is damaging to his pride.

That Bois-Guilbert is not all evil is evidenced by Rebecca's judgment of him: "There are noble things which cross over thy powerful mind; but it is the garden of the sluggard, and the weeds have rushed up, and conspired to choke the fair and wholesome blossom." He is caught in the web of his own licentious making as his desire for Rebecca wars with his ambitions in the order of Knights Templar. His death is the result of his unresolved passions.

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According to Ivanhoe, the only fate that a knight fears is __________.

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