Study Help Practice Projects


1. Draw a map of Harlem that highlights the streets, clubs, neighborhoods, and other landmarks the narrator describes.

2. Write a follow-up to the novel that takes place six months after the narrator emerges from his underground hideout and rejoins society.

3. Create a Web site for Invisible Man that provides information and links on such things as the author's background, the setting of the novel, characters, symbols, and themes.

4. Write a letter from the narrator to his mother and father about one of his adventures in Harlem, convincing them that he is doing just fine.

5. Write an essay that examines the appeal of Communism and Black Nationalism for blacks living in a segregated society.

6. Listen to the song "Invisible" by the late Curtis Mayfield, included in his musical anthology, People Get Ready: The Curtis Mayfield Story. Then write an essay exploring how the song lyrics reflect the theme of Invisible Man.