Summary and Analysis Chapter 36



During a visit with Ellen, Linda learns that Mrs. Hobbs' brother, Mr. Thorpe, has written a letter to Dr. Flint, informing him of Linda's whereabouts and offering to help him regain his "property." Upon returning home, Linda tells Mrs. Bruce about her predicament and confesses that she is a fugitive slave. Mrs. Bruce immediately contacts her attorney, who helps arrange transportation to Boston for Linda, Ellen, and William, who has come to New York to escort his sister to safety. Upon their arrival in Boston, Ellen reunites with her brother, Ben. Linda decides to stay in Boston and share living expenses with a friend. She spends the winter helping Ellen learn to read and write so that she will be prepared to return to school.


The key incident in this chapter focuses on the friendship between Linda and Mrs. Bruce, who trusts Linda with her own baby. Linda is finally able to count on someone outside of the black community.

Their relationship demonstrates the extension of the bonds of friendship among black women to include trustworthy white women.