Summary and Analysis Chapter 34



Linda receives a letter urging her to come "home," purportedly written by Emily Flint's brother. She recognizes the letter as being from Dr. Flint. She does not respond, and soon thereafter receives another letter from a friend, informing her of Dr. Flint's plans to visit the North. Determined to avoid him, Linda tells Mrs. Bruce she needs two weeks off to attend to urgent business in Boston.

Upon arriving in Boston, she writes to her grandmother and asks her to send her son, Ben, to Boston instead of New York. Several days later, she reunites with her son. Meanwhile, Linda learns that Dr. Flint is in New York looking for her. As soon as she hears that he has gone, she leaves Ben with her brother William and returns to New York.


Even though Linda now lives in a Free State, Dr. Flint refuses to give up his relentless pursuit. Here again, letters play a major role in helping Linda maintain her freedom, as does her ability to "outfox" the fox. This chapter underscores the issues of deception and trickery raised in Chapter 25.