Geographical Names


Almesbury The site of the abbey where Guinevere takes refuge, located near Salisbury in south-central England.

Astolat The castle of Elaine's father, located at Guilford in Surrey in southeastern England.

Avilion Also known as Avalon. In Celtic mythology, this is the mysterious island paradise to which the dead souls of heroes and the blessed are taken. It is located somewhere in a western sea.

Badon Hill The site of the last and greatest of Arthur's twelve legendary battles against the heathen.

Brittany The region in France south of Normandy and opposite southern England. In ancient times, it was inhabited by a Celtic people closely related to the Britons (hence its name) and is frequently mentioned in the Arthurian legends.

Broceliande A forested area in Brittany to which Merlin and Vivien wander.

Caerleon-Upon-Usk One of the traditional seats of Arthur's court, located near Newport in Monmouthshire on the southwestern coast of England.

Cameliard The legendary kingdom of Leodogran; its location is uncertain.

Camelot The mythical capital of Arthur's kingdom. Its location is uncertain, although various sites have been suggested by scholars, including Winchester, Cadbury Castle near Glastonbury, and several places in Wales.

Cornwall The kingdom of Mark, located in southwestern England.

Devon The princedom of Geraint, located in southwestern England.

Glastonbury The site of an abbey said to have been founded by Joseph of Arimathea at the time of his legendary arrival in Britain, located on the southeastern coast of England.

Lyonnessee A mythical region supposed to be somewhere near Cornwall; it is mentioned only in the Arthurian romances.

Orkney The kingdom of Lot, located in northern Scotland.

Tintagil The dukedom of Gorlois, located in Cornwall.

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