Summary and Analysis Chapters 12-13


The central violent episode in Maya's young life occurs significantly on a day following one of her mother's unheralded overnight absences. The atmosphere, a bizarre mix of menace and fantasies of comic strip rescuers, recedes into white after Maya faints from pain. Harsh, unpleasant physical sensations blend with pretense as she stoically conceals her hurt to save Bailey from certain death at the hands of the tormenter who transgresses her little girl trust. In a rapid, surrealistic flow of events, Maya, comforted by her dutiful navy blue coat with brass buttons, takes the stand and conceals from the court her first two sexual encounters with Mr. Freeman. Consumed by guilt, she screams, "Ole, mean, dirty thing, you. Dirty old thing" and is removed from the stand to Vivian's embrace. Appropriately, Mr. Freeman's ignominious demise behind the slaughterhouse ends with Grandmother Baxter's injunction against "that evil man's name." Fearful of spreading a curse on her loved ones, Maya stops talking to anyone but Bailey.


the Phantom Ray Moore's cartoon, which first appeared in daily newspapers on February 17, 1936, advanced to comic books, and was made into a movie serial in 1943 and a TV animation in 1986.

the Green Hornet a popular radio show which originated on WXYZ Detroit on January 31, 1936, and continued until December 5, 1952. The Hornet, the great nephew of the Lone Ranger, was created by George W. Trendle and written by Fran Striker, who also wrote episodes of The Lone Ranger.

Sloan's Liniment an astringent balm used to treat strains and sprains.

The Rover Boys a twenty-volume young adult series written by Edward Stratemeyer under the pseudonym Arthur M. Winfield. Stratemeyer also wrote the Tom Swirt, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys series, a total of over eight hundred books.

harlot in the Bible John 8:3-11.

recording angel Revelation 10:1-11.