Study Help Practice Projects


1. Do some research in Mexican folklore or mythology and find a short story or tale that might be adapted for young children, one with two or more characters. Develop a dramatic skit from this story, write a script, cast the parts, make costumes and any necessary props, and present your skit to an audience. (This could be a class or group project.)

2. Follow the suggestion above, using a story from the folklore or mythology of some other region or ethnic group.

3. Draw (or paint, sculpt, etc.) a picture or other visual illustration, either representational or abstract, based on a character or incident from The House on Mango Street or "Woman Hollering Creek" and Other Stories. (This, too, could be a class or group project; the results might be presented at an exhibit using the next suggestion.)

4. Find some of the recordings of Latin music mentioned in "Bien Pretty" (or other Latin music) and make a tape or CD in which these are interspersed with short readings from Cisneros' books recorded by class members.

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