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baying barking.

braces suspenders; straps hung over the shoulders to hold up pants.

bracken a large, coarse fern.

cask a barrel, usually holding wine.

cleave to split or pass through by cutting.

confusticate flabbergast.

conies rabbit furs.

eddying moving in a circular current like a whirlpool.

eyrie a bird's nest on a cliff or mountaintop.

flint material used for producing a spark.

flummoxed confused.

foiled spoiled a plan, prevented a plan from being successfully enacted.

fortnight a period of two weeks.

furrier a fur dealer; one who makes, repairs, or cleans fur garments.

gammers old women.

glade an open space surrounded by woods.

Goblins grotesque, malicious creatures.

graybeards old men.

hart male red deer, usually over five years old.

helm a position of control.

hind female red deer.

hoard a supply stored up or hidden away.

kine cow.

lair den; refuge or hiding place.

larch a deciduous tree of the pine family.

larder pantry; a place where food is stored.

mere a lake or pool.

mirth joy, playfulness.

muff a warm tubular covering for the hands.

necromancer a magician, especially one who deals with the spirits of the dead.

pallid pale and weak.

parley an exercise in diplomacy; a talk with the goal of resolving conflict.

plundered/plunderers to take by force; to rob or loot; those who take by force, rob, or loot.

portcullis an iron grating hung over a gateway and lowered between grooves to prevent passage.

porter a person who carries burdens or baggage.

promontory a high point of land or rock projecting into water or over lowland.

quays docks or landing places on a waterway.

quoits a game in which a ring of iron or rope is thrown at an upright pin; similar to the game of pitching horseshoes.

runes characters from the alphabets used by the Germanic peoples from the third to the thirteenth centuries.

sentinels soldiers charged with guarding.

shingly overlapping in rows.

short commons minimal rations.

sleeping-draught a sleeping potion.

smote hit (past tense of smite, to hit).

staggerment amazement, confusion.

thongs a strip of leather or hide.

throng a crowd; a large number of people.

tinder a flammable substance that can be used as kindling.

tippet a fur shoulder cape, often with hanging ends.

toss-pot a drunkard.

turnkey the person in charge of the keys to a prison.

watercourse any waterway, such as a stream or river.

Yule-tide the Christmas holiday season.