Character Analysis Smaug


Smaug is a dragon whose evil, like Gollum's, is indicated by his isolation. He lives alone in the Lonely Mountain, his only purpose to guard the treasure he stole from the dwarves during the reign of Thorin's grandfather. Smaug rarely leaves his lair, and he sleeps on top of the accumulated ornaments, utensils, and weapons that constitute the treasure. He represents the wrongful impulse to hoard, to accumulate beyond what one can use and to refuse to share with others. In revenge for the theft of the Arkenstone, he destroys the town of Lake-town (Esgaroth). The complete destruction of the town and the displacement of men, women, and children is depicted as characteristic of Smaug's irrationality and evil. There is nothing sympathetic about Smaug, and Bard's slaying of him is a relief to all. The evil of his hoarding continues, however, when Goblins, elves, Wargs, men, and dwarves converge on the Lonely Mountain in a battle over possession of the treasure.