Summary and Analysis Chapter 32



Minny is waiting for Hilly to read the chapter pertaining to her and believes that she hears a scream all the way across town when Hilly gets to the part in the book relating the chocolate pie incident. Aibileen and Minny begin to see the fallout from the book as Hilly tells people to fire their maids. They wait to see how Hilly might change her course once she reads about herself.


Minny reveals in this chapter her true fears regarding Leroy's beatings. She feels protected right now because she is pregnant and she knows he will not hit her because of the baby. Everyone assumes that because of Minny's sassiness she is strong; but she is terrified that if she stands up to Leroy or hit him back, he'd leave her. One time she questioned Leroy about why he beat her and he said, "If I didn't hit you, Minny, who knows what you become." Minny begins to think about who she could be if this violence wasn't a part of her life. This foreshadows her decision in the final chapter to leave Leroy and choose an unknown path rather than endure his abuse. Without the friendship and devotion of Celia and Johnny, Minny would never have had the courage to take this brave step in her life.