Summary and Analysis Chapter 30



Minny is on edge waiting to hear what will happen when Hilly eventually reads about herself in the book. Minny busies herself with household chores, but is surprised to find Johnny home one morning when she arrives for work. Celia tells Johnny about the babies and the miscarriages, and he credits Minny for saving his wife's life during her latest miscarriage.


The theme of wanting is summed up best between Celia and Minny. Celia wants a baby and cannot have one. After so many miscarriages, the doctor has told her that becoming a mother is not possible for her. Minny is pregnant with her sixth child and overwhelmed with the task. Minny's family has so many struggles with poverty and violence, but babies and love are plenty. Celia is wealthy but feels empty without a child even though Johnny continues to be devoted to her. Johnny expresses his gratitude to Minny and says Celia wouldn't be alive today if Minny hadn't nursed her through the miscarriages and called the doctor. He promises Minny that she'll always have a place in their home, and the three cry together for all that is lost and all that is gained.