Study Help Essay Questions


1. Comment upon the many different attributes of Henry V that are brought out in the various scenes in the play.

2. Why is Henry so much more lenient, apparently, with the captured French than he is with the English soldiers who are caught violating his instructions?

3. How does the Chorus function? How would the play be different if it were left out completely?

4. In a famous movie version of Henry V, starring Sir Laurence Olivier, the Battle of Agincourt is presented with both armies costumed in a splendid array of armor and filled with pageantry. How does this presentation romanticize Shakespeare and contradict the text?

5. Comment on how Shakespeare alters historical fact for the sake of dramatic appeal.

6. How does Fluellen function in the drama? How would the drama be altered if a director omitted this role from the drama?

7. What is the dramatic appeal of the king when he is in disguise, moving among his common soldiers?

8. Analyze Shakespeare's purpose in having a common soldier, such as Williams, stand up to the king and speak his views so forthrightly.

9. How do Pistol and the Boy function in the play?

10. How can we account for the total success of the English against such overwhelming odds at the Battle of Agincourt?