Study Help Essay Questions


1. In "Indian Camp," what is the effect of the young husband's death on Nick Adams?

2. How does Dr. Adams, in "Indian Camp," explain suicide to Nick? What does he say about men who commit suicide and women who commit suicide?

3. In "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," why is Dr. Adams angry at Dick Boulton's sarcasm about the logs that he is about to cut up for firewood?

4. Describe the tense relationship between Dr. Adams and his wife in "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife."

5. In "The End of Something," what excuse does Nick give Marjorie for breaking off their relationship? What prompts Nick to dissolve the relationship?

6. What role does Bill play, in relation to Nick, in "The End of Something" and "The Three–Day Blow"?

7. Why is the title "The Three-Day Blow" apropos to the plot of this story?

8. Describe Al and Max in "The Killers."

9. How are Andreson and the young Indian husband in "Indian Camp". similar?

10. How do Hemingway's style and Nick Adams' "craziness" in "A Way You'll Never Be" parallel each other?

11. How was Nick injured in "A Way You'll Never Be"?

12. Contrast the major and the hunting hawks in "In Another Country."

13. Besides the loss of the use of his fencing hand, what other loss does the major suffer in "In Another Country"?

14. What is the setting of "Big Two-Hearted River"? Why do you suppose Hemingway chose this particular setting?

15. In "The Short Happy Life," how is Macomber's first safari, his conquest of wild animals, different from all of his previous victories?

16. Why did Macomber marry Margot? Why does he stay married to her?

17. Why does Margot resent Macomber?

18. In "Hills Like White Elephants," who likens the hills to white elephants? For what purpose?

19. How does the man describe the operation that he hopes that the girl will agree to? What is her attitude toward the medical procedure?

20. In "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place," why is this descriptive title a key to the meaning of the story?

21. What do the older waiter and the old man have in common?

22. In "The Snows of Kilimanjaro," what is Harry's profession? Is he a success in his profession?

23. What is Helen's attitude toward her husband?

24. Describe the plane ride toward the square top of Kilimanjaro.