Summary and Analysis Act V: Scene 2



mutines mutineers.

bilboes long iron bars with sliding shackles, for fettering prisoners' feet.

sea-gown a skirted garment with short sleeves, worn by seamen.

bugs terrors, nightmares.

wheaten garland a garland made of stalks of wheat; a symbol of prosperity.

ordinant provident.

changeling a child secretly put in the place of another; especially, in folk tales, one exchanged in this way by fairies.

angle fishing line.

cozenage treachery.

waterfly an insect without apparent purpose.

chough a chatterer.

imputation reputation.

meed a merited recompense or reward.

unfellowed without equal.

imponed staked; wagered.

poniards daggers.

assigns appurtenances.

hangers straps by which the rapier was hung from the girdle.

twelve for nine In a match of twelve bouts (instead of the usual nine), Laertes will win by at least three up.

breathing time time of exercise.

dug a female animal's nipple or teat; vulgarly, a woman's breast

drossy frivolous; worthless stuff; rubbish.

tune of the time fashionable jargon.

yesty collection frothy collection of catchwords.

gain-giving misgiving.

Stick fiery off stand out brightly.

quit in answer score a return hit.

union a large pearl.

fat out of condition, sweaty.

mutes or audience silent spectators.

antique Roman The ancient Roman was ever ready to commit suicide when confronted with calamity.

quarry heap of slain.

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