Summary and Analysis Act V: Scene 1



Clowns rustics. The word indicates that these roles were played by comic actors.

crowner coroner.

se offendendo in self-defense.

argal therefore.

will he, nill he willy-nilly, whether he wishes or not.

arms a coat of arms, being a group of emblems and figures arranged on and around a shield and serving as the special insignia of a person, family, or institution.

stoup a drinking cup; tankard.

Intil into.

jowls bumps.

Cain's jaw-bone the jawbone of an ass, with which Cain is supposed to have killed Abel.

politician plotter, schemer.

chapless jawless.

mazzard slang for head (literally, drinking bowl).

loggats skittles or ninepins, a British game in which a ball is bowled at nine wooden pins.

quiddities trifling distinctions; quibbles.

quilets quibbles.

tenures titles to property.

sconce a slang word for head (literally, blockhouse).

pair of indentures agreements in duplicate.

conveyance the document by which real property is transferred from one person to another; deed.

assurance a pun on conveyance of property by deed and security.

quick living.

galls his kibe scrapes his heel.

whoreson a scoundrel; knave; a general epithet of abuse (literally, bastard).

gorge stomach (literally, throat or gullet).

gibes jests.

chapfallen a pun; disheartened, depressed, or humiliated (literally, having one's lower jaw hanging down).

bung-hole a hole in a barrel or keg through which liquid can be poured in or drawn out.

flaw a sudden, brief gust of wind, often with rain or snow; a squall.

fordo destroy.

couch lie concealed; to hide.

crants wreaths.

maiden strewments flowers strewn on a girl's grave.

Pelion, Olympus, and Ossa mountains in Greece; in Greek mythology, the Titans (giant deities) piled Pelion on Ossa and both on Olympus in a futile attempt to reach and attack the gods in heaven.

splenetive full of spleen, hot-tempered.

Woo't colloquial and familiar form of wilt thou.

eisel vinegar.

the burning zone the sun.

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