Summary and Analysis Act I: Scene 3



convoy is assistant a means of conveyance is available.

toy in blood trifling youthful passion.

primy in its prime, youthful.

suppliance of a minute a minute's pastime.

crescent increasing, growing.

temple body; the temple of the soul.

cautel craft, deceit.

will desire.

his greatness weigh'd considering his high position.

carve choose.

credent credulous.

chaste treasure precious chastity.

unmaster'd importunity uncontrolled and determined wooing.

chariest most modest and virtuous.

prodigal exceedingly or recklessly wasteful, spendthrift.

buttons buds.

contagious blastments destructive blights.

recks not his own rede doesn't take his own advice.

fear me not don't be afraid for me.

character a pun on character in the sense of personal qualities.

unproportion'd overly emotional, excessive.

adoption tried friendship that has stood the test of time.

unfledg'd immature (literally designating a young bird without feathers and thus not able to fly).

censure opinion

husbandry thrift.

season ripen.

tend attend, wait.

Marry a Common Elizabethan expletive for Mary, referring to the Virgin Mary.

put on me reported to me.

sterling true currency (with the value of an English silver penny).

crack the wind of overwork. The phrase comes from working a horse so hard that it becomes winded.

springes snares consisting of a noose attached to something under tension, as a bent tree branch.

woodcocks birds thought of as being stupid because they are easily caught; hence, a person who is a fool or a dupe.

brokers people who act as agents or intermediaries in negotiating contracts, buying and selling, and so forth.

investments garments.

this is for all to sum up.

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