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liegemen loyal subjects.

life-rendering pelican The pelican was supposed to feed its young with its own blood.

livery the characteristic clothing worn by members of a particular group or trade.

loggats skittles or ninepins, a British game in which a ball is bowled at nine wooden pins.

maiden strewments flowers strewn on a girl's grave.

mark take notice of; heed.

Marry a Common Elizabethan expletive for Mary, referring to the Virgin Mary.

mazzard slang for head (literally, drinking bowl).

meed a merited recompense or reward.

Mercury in Roman mythology, the messenger of the gods; god of commerce, manual skill, eloquence, cleverness, travel, and thievery.

merely entirely, absolutely, altogether.

miching mallecho slinking mischief.

milch milky, moist.

mobled wearing ruffled collars popular in Elizabethan England.

moiety competent sufficient portion.

moist star moon.

mole blemish.

more above moreover.

mortis'd firmly joined.

most carefully upon your hour exactly when you were expected.

mote speck of dust.

mould of form pattern of manly beauty and behavior.

mountebank quack doctor.

mouse a common term of endearment.

mows grimaces (twistings or distortions of the face.

muddy-mettled dull-spirited.

Murdering-piece cannon loaded with grapeshot.

mutes or audience silent spectators.

mutines mutineers.

nature's livery, or fortune's star inborn or the result of bad luck.

nave rim; the hub of a wheel.

Nemean in Greek mythology, a reference to a fierce lion from Nemea killed by Hercules as the first of his twelve labors.

Neptune's belonging to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.

Nero (A.D. 37-68); notoriously cruel and depraved emperor of Rome (54-68) who killed his own mother.

nighted black, signifying deep mourning.

Niobe in Greek mythology, a queen of Thebes who, weeping for her slain children, is turned into a stone from which tears continue to flow; hence, an inconsolable woman.

no fairy takes Medieval Europeans believed that fairies stole children.

nonce occasion.

Norway king of Norway.

noyance harm.

obstinate condolement grief that is contrary to the will of heaven.

occulted hidden.

o'er-leavens ferments.

of by.

of general assault common to all men.

operant powers bodily strength.

orb the earth.

ordinant provident.

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