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Hercules in Greek and Roman mythology, the son of Zeus, renowned for his strength and courage, especially as shown in his performance of twelve labors imposed on him.

Hic et ubique Latin for here and everywhere.

his greatness weigh'd considering his high position.

his sables and his weeds dignified robes.

His virtues else his other virtues.

hoar gray.

hoodman-blind blindman's bluff.

Hugger-mugger secret haste.

Humorous Man the player of character parts.

humour behavior.

husbandry thrift.

Hymen in Greek mythology, the god of marriage.

Hyperion a Titan often identified with the sun god.

Hyrcanian beast tiger from Hyrcania, mentioned in the Aeneid.

Ilium Latin name for Troy

impart behave.

impasted made into a paste (the slain, not Pyrrhus).

imponed staked; wagered.

importing concerning.

imposthume abscess or festering sore.

imputation reputation.

in fee outright.

in fine in the end.

in one brow of woe Everyone in the kingdom ought to mourn.

in the full bent completely. Like a bow that is bent as far as it can be bent.

incontinency without self-restraint, especially in regard to sexual activity.

incorps'd and demi-natur'd an integral part of the body.

index prologue.

indu'd endowed, belonging to.

inexplicable dumb-shows the unintelligible pantomime preceding the play proper.

Intil into.

inurn'd buried; entombed (literally, put the ashes of a dead person into an urn).

investments garments.

jealousy suspicion.

Jephthah a judge in the Bible who sacrificed his daughter in fulfillment of a vow ( Judg. 11:30-40).

jointress a woman who has been given an interest for life in her deceased husband's estate; here, a partner.

jowls bumps.

jump precisely.

keep lodge.

knotted and combined locks hair lying together in a mass.

Larded garnished.

lauds hymns of praise.

law of writ classical plays.

lawful espials spies who are justified in their action.

lawless resolutes desperadoes.

lay song.

lay you home to him tell him what's what.

lets hinders.

liberty modern plays.

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