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couch lie concealed; to hide.

counsel secrets.

counter on the false trail (a hunting term); treason.

counterfeit presentment portrait.

cousin kinsman. This word was used for any near relation; here it would refer to nephew.

cozenage treachery.

cozen'd cheated.

crack the wind of overwork. The phrase comes from working a horse so hard that it becomes winded.

crants wreaths.

credent credulous.

crescent increasing, growing.

crowner coroner.

Cyclops in Greek mythology, any of a race of giants who have only one eye, in the middle of the forehead; they assisted Vulcan, the god of fire.

Damon a perfect friend; in classical legend, Damon and Pythias were friends so devoted to each other that when Pythias, who had been condemned to death, wanted time to arrange his affairs, Damon pledged his life that his friend would return. Pythias returned and both were pardoned.

Danskers Danes.

delated articles detailed provisions set forth in their instructions.

Deliberate pause a deliberate step, taken after due consideration.

digested organized.

distemper mental disturbance.

divide distinguish.

doublet a man's close-fitting jacket, with or without sleeves, worn chiefly from the 14th to the 16th centuries. The coat that was fastened (braced) to the hose (short breeches) by laces. When a man was relaxing or careless of appearance, he "unbrac'd," much like a man today loosens his tie or takes off his suit jacket.

douts extinguishes; literally, do out.

down gyved fallen, like fetters, about his ankles.

drabbing associating with prostitutes.

The dram of evil / Doth all the noble substance of a doubt, / To his own scandal a much-disputed passage. Perhaps a line is missing. The general meaning seems to be that it takes only a small portion of evil to bring a scandal on the entire substance, however noble it may otherwise be.

drift of conference roundabout methods.

drossy frivolous; worthless stuff; rubbish.

dug a female animal's nipple or teat; vulgarly, a woman's breast.

dupp'd opened.

ecstasy madness

eisel vinegar.

enginer engineer.

enseam'd greasy, with a pun on semen.

envious silver malicious branch.

escoted paid.

expectancy and rose bright hope ( as future king).

extravagant and erring vagrant and wandering (both used in their original Latin sense — a common device used by Shakespeare).

eyases unfledged birds, especially young hawks taken from the nest for training in falconry.

fain wish.

fantasy an odd notion; whim.

fardels burdens; misfortune.

fat out of condition, sweaty.

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