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carbuncles precious stones of fiery red color.

carve choose.

cast beyond ourselves look beyond what we know or understand.

cataplasm a poultice, often medicated.

cautel craft, deceit.

cease of majesty death of a king.

censure opinion

cerements cloths or sheets wrapped around a dead person; shrouds.

chameleon's dish The chameleon was supposed to feed on air.

changeling a child secretly put in the place of another; especially, in folk tales, one exchanged in this way by fairies.

chapfallen a pun; disheartened, depressed, or humiliated (literally, having one's lower jaw hanging down).

chapless jawless.

character a pun on character in the sense of personal qualities.

chariest most modest and virtuous.

chaste treasure precious chastity.

checking at swerving aside from; a term in hawking.

chopine a woman's shoe with a very thick sole, as of cork.

chorus in ancient Greek drama, a company of performers whose singing, dancing, and narration provide explanation and elaboration of the main action.

chough a chatterer.

cicatrice scar or wound.

clepe to call or address (a person).

clout a piece of cloth; a rag.

Clowns rustics. The word indicates that these roles were played by comic actors.

Cock corruption for God

cockle hat a hat adorned with cockle shells and worn by pilgrims.

collection inference.

compass the tonal range of a musical instrument.

compelled valour bravery that stems from necessity.

complete steel full armor.

compounded restored, mingled.

Confederate season suitable opportunity.

confine prison.

congruing agreeing.

conjunctive closely united.

contagious blastments destructive blights.

continent containing enough ground.

contraction the marriage contract.

contumely haughty and contemptuous rudeness; insulting and humiliating treatment or language.

conveyance the document by which real property is transferred from one person to another; deed.

convocation of politic worms a political assembly of worms; an allusion to the Diet of Worms (1521), a convocation held by the Catholic Church to allow Martin Luther to explain his reform of doctrine. He had first set his beliefs forth in Wittenberg, where Hamlet and Horatio have studied.

convoy is assistant a means of conveyance is available.

coronet weeds garlands of flowers.

corse corpse, dead body.

coted overtook.

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