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unfold yourself to make known or lay open to view, especially in stages or little by little.

Unhouseled, disappointed, unaneled without the sacraments of communion, penance, and extreme unction.

unimproved mettle untested strength, courage, or character

union a large pearl.

unmaster'd importunity uncontrolled and determined wooing.

unproportion'd overly emotional, excessive.

unreclaimed untamed.

unshaped incoherent.

unsinew'd weak.

Up-spring a high-kicking, wild German dance.

valanced bearded.

variable service different courses.

ventages small holes or openings; vents.

vice of kings caricature of a king. Vice, who represented sin, was a stock character in morality plays.

videlicet (Latin) that is; namely.

Vulcan's stithy the workshop of the Roman god of fire and metalworking.

wassail revelry, carousing.

watch sleeplessness.

waterfly an insect without apparent purpose.

weak supposal poor opinion.

weal a sound or prosperous state; well-being; welfare.

what means what their income is.

wheaten garland a garland made of stalks of wheat; a symbol of prosperity.

whoreson a scoundrel; knave; a general epithet of abuse (literally, bastard).

will desire.

will he, nill he willy-nilly, whether he wishes or not.

windlasses roundabout means.

with sight with an indifferent eye.

withers the highest part of a horse's back, located between the shoulder blades.

woodcocks birds thought of as being stupid because they are easily caught; hence, a person who is a fool or a dupe.

Woo't colloquial and familiar form of wilt thou.

wormwood bitterness. (Wormwood is a plant with bitter qualities.)

yesty collection frothy collection of catchwords.

your only jig-maker I am the funniest man alive (ironic).

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