Character List and Analysis Dawsey Adams


A pig farmer on the island of Guernsey and dedicated fan of Charles Lamb. Dawsey is Juliet's initial contact with the island, and he enables the other islanders the contact her, encouraging them to share their experiences with her and contribute to her article. He is a strong and loving man, but incredibly quiet and timid. Between the absence of his parents in his life, a stuttering problem in his youth, and the seclusion that came with farming, Dawsey had been somewhat socially inept and painfully shy in earlier years. With the creation of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Dawsey finally develops a strong network of companions and breaks out of his shell. After corresponding with Juliet for a period, the two become good friends. He eventually falls in love with her after her arrival on Guernsey but is too shy to admit his affections. Juliet is suspicious of his feelings, but is also afraid to act upon them.