Study Help Essay Questions


1. How does the fire escape function as a symbol to reveal something about each character's personality?

2. Why does Tom go so often to the movies?

3. What are the similarities between Tom and his father?

4. What is the significance of Laura's unicorn?

5. Why does Amanda nag at Tom so much?

6. Why does Laura give the unicorn to Jim?

7. Why does it take Tom so long to decide to leave home?

8. Does Jim have the potential greatness attributed to him by Laura?

9. Does Laura fully understand her position and especially the responsibility that Tom feels for her?

10. Why does Amanda blame Tom for the failure of the evening?

11. Choose either Laura, Tom, or Amanda, and argue how the person you chose should be considered the main character of the play.

12. Write a theme characterizing Williams' views toward illusion and reality.

13. Which characters face life most realistically? Defend your choice.

14. Write an essay depicting Amanda's strengths and weakness. Is she an admirable person or merely a silly, frustrated woman?

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