Study Help Essay Questions


1. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Sameness in Jonas' community.

2. Compare the relationship Jonas has with The Giver to the relationship he has with his mother, father, and sister.

3. Explain how Jonas' community is hypocritical.

4. Explain why feelings and memories have been eliminated from Jonas' community.

5. Compare The Giver to Robert Cormier's After the First Death or to Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl."

6. Why is Jonas alienated by his friends after being chosen as the next Receiver of Memory?

7. List the ways in which Jonas' community appears to be a utopia and explain why the things on your list contribute to perfection.

8. Discuss whether Jonas' assignment as the next Receiver of Memory is an honor or a punishment.

9. What are some of the euphemisms used in present-day society? Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using euphemisms.

10. Discuss the value of rules and laws in present-day society.

11. The people in Jonas' community gave up their freedom and individuality to live in a safe environment. Discuss whether or not the community is a safe environment in which to live. How would you define what a safe environment is?

12. What does Jonas take with him on his journey at the end of the book, and why does he take it with him?

13. In the past, and especially in the nineteenth century, utopian communities such as Brook Farm, New Harmony, Oneida, and Shaker settlements were established in the United States. Research one of these communities and then compare it to Jonas' community.

14. How are the people in Jonas' community interdependent?

15. How can Jonas' community be compared to Nazi Germany under Hitler?