Summary and Analysis Part 4: Hostile Takeover: Chapter 29



Salander, having holed up in her apartment for several days hacking into Wennerstrom's empire, has discovered the intricate workings of the corporation's financial structure. She has also discovered that Wennerstrom is nervous about Millennium's plans, so Salander decides to provide Blomkvist with this tip in exchange for a 120,000 kronor loan she promises to pay back.

Using Blomkvist's loan as well as her own money, Salander flies to Zurich, carrying with her two false passports and checking into two fancy hotels using two false names. Through an intricate series of disguises, constructed alibis, and use of her own sharp wits, Salander is able to siphon millions of dollars away from Wennerstrom's accounts and split the funds into several anonymous accounts. Upon returning to Sweden, Salander disposes of the evidence and begins to relax after several days of high-stakes thievery.


Chapter 29 reveals new sides of Salander's personality and her many skills beyond hacking computers. Salander is adept at putting on personas. For instance, during one transaction she fakes a perfect British accent and stumbles over her German. In her next meeting, she fakes a Norwegian accent and speaks perfect German. Before this chapter, Salander shows nothing of these skills and now, no clues as to how she has learned any of them. Salander thus becomes more complex In her own skin, Salander comes across as stubborn and inflexible, especially with strangers. Yet when she is acting as someone else, Salander is able to put on a new skin seamlessly — laughing loudly with strangers and carrying herself like a trust-fund princess rather than a punk-rock hacker.