Study Help Practice Projects


1. Identify specific characters satirized in Gulliver's Travels and determine the actual historical figures whom Swift had in mind for his satire.

2. View any of the film versions of Gulliver's Travels (see the Resources section for information) and note differences in plot, settings, characterizations, and theme (satiric treatments) between the film and the novel.

3. Identify the most serious behavior flaws of the Yahoos, and design a program of rehabilitation for the Yahoos. List the specific behaviors to be corrected and the specific remedies, whether physical, occupational, recreational, or medical, which would be required.

4. Identify and explain the evidence which could be used to identify Gulliver as a Yahoo, as well as the evidence which could indicate that he is not a Yahoo. Using this evidence, support or overturn the general assembly's decision to expel Gulliver from the Country of the Houyhnhnms.