Study Help Essay Questions


1. How does Hudson portray Indians throughout the romance generally?

2. Why is Rima an idealization rather than a human figure?

3. Describe the ways in which Hudson creates his image of the trees, or the "green mansions," in the book.

4. Who, in your opinion, is the main figure in Green Mansions — Abel or Rima? Justify your answer with examples from the text.

5. Analyze Hudson's religious views throughout the story, particularly in Abel's ideas.

6. How would you characterize Hudson's portrayal of birds and animals in Green Mansions?

7. Criticize Hudson's concept of nature, the good and the evil aspects, in the book. For example, do the positive or the negative features predominate?

8. What is the influence and impact of Darwinism in Hudson's philosophical outlook in the story?

9. Compare and contrast the two scenes at the mountaintops of Ytaioa and Riolama. Which episode is more effective? Which of the two characters, Abel or Rima, is more impressive in performance?

10. Summarize Nuflo's role throughout the romance. What is his function in the structure of the plot? What does he possibly symbolize in Hudson's aesthetic and philosophical judgment?

11. Mention three examples where Hudson blends his poetic art and his knowledge as a naturalist.

12. Make a brief summary of Hudson's overall portrayal of the South American hinterlands and geography in Green Mansions. What are his opinions about the future of this continent?

13. How does Hudson utilize suspense and mystery in the plot?

14. What is the role of violence within the structural framework of Green Mansions?

15. How is irony a part of Hudson's technique? Give three instances of ironic episodes or events in the story.

16. How, in Green Mansions, does Hudson restrict or limit characters and their development?

17. What are the lessons for humanity in the future that Hudson perhaps wanted to teach in this romance?

18. How does Hudson employ the senses to heighten the effect of the "green mansions" upon Abel? What sense does the author seem to rely on most of all?

19. What, in your opinion, is the most noticeable fault in Green Mansions? Be specific by giving some examples of this defect.

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