Character List

Abel Guevez de Argensola A young man from Caracas, Venezuela, who meets Rima in the forests of South America, falls in love with her, and loses her in a tragic fire.

Rima The mysterious girl of the "green mansions," named for the mountains of Riolama, who speaks a bird language and communicates with the creatures of the woodlands.

Nuflo An old man who lives in the "green mansions" with Rima as her guardian; he had rescued the girl's mother shortly before Rima's birth.

Runi The chief of the Parahuari tribe where Abel first finds shelter and protection.

Kua-kó A young Parahuari whom Abel eventually kills because of the savage's involvement in Rima's fate.

Cla-cla An old Parahuari woman whom Abel finds entertaining and sympathetic.

Managa Chief of a tribe near the Parahuaris, a sworn enemy of Runi.

British Official The unnamed narrator in the prologue of Green Mansions, who explains the source of the story.

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