Character Analysis The Government Official


The unnamed British officer in Georgetown appears only in the prologue, and he has no role within the narrative framework. He has befriended Abel and has now decided, supposedly after his friend's death, to reveal publicly the story told to him. This familiar device in literary form adds an air of veracity, curiosity, and mystery to the tale.

Two conclusions thus emerge about Hudson's personages in Green Mansions: They are very limited in number, and character development is not a major objective of the author. Three main characters, if Nuflo is included, are depicted. Rima, however, appears only in the middle of the book, and she disappears from the action after the seventeenth chapter. Abel, serving as the narrator for all the chapters, receives close attention and comes closer to the concept of a rounded or developed character. The Indians and the anonymous government representative have small parts and only provide a backdrop as necessary ingredients of the plot

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