Character List


Sophia, Flopson, and Millers Servants and nurses at the Pockets' home.

Mrs. Brandley She hosts Estella in London and introduces her to society there.

Mrs. Coiler A busybody neighbor of the Pockets.

The Avenger (Pepper) Pip's unambitious servant boy.

Clarriker A merchant with whom Herbert goes into business.

the Jack The grimy man who does odd jobs at the inn where Pip, Herbert, and Magwitch stay during their escape trip.

Mary Anne Young maid who works for Wemmick at his home.

Convicts or Related Associates

Magwitch (Abel Magwitch, Provis, First Convict, Mr. Campbell) The convict on the marshes who later becomes wealthy in Australia and is the source of Pip's expectations. He is caught trying to escape England and dies in prison with Pip by his side. He is the father of Estella and a former partner in crime with Compeyson, who betrayed him.

Compeyson (Second Convict) A smooth-talking upper-class criminal arrested for forgery with Magwitch. Before that, he jilted Miss Havisham and swindled money from her. He is the second convict on the marshes that Pip sees — Magwitch's sworn enemy. He later betrays Magwitch to the authorities and drowns in a struggle with him.

Arthur Miss Havisham's half-brother from her father's second marriage to his cook. He is disinherited by his father and hates Miss Havisham. After his father's death, Arthur runs up gambling debts and conspires with Compeyson to swindle money from Miss Havisham and split the profits. He dies haunted by her image in his dreams.

Colonel One of Jaggers' clients in jail that Pip and Wemmick visit. He is sentenced to death and Jaggers cannot help him because the evidence against Colonel is too strong.

Sally Compeyson's wife.

Stranger at the Three Jolly Bargemen A released convict who knows Magwitch from prison and delivers the two one-pound notes to Pip in the Jolly Bargemen on behalf of Magwitch. He has the file that Pip stole for Magwitch years before, and he uses it to identify himself as Magwitch's messenger.

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