Character List


Satis House Group

Miss Havisham The strange, reclusive woman who was abandoned and swindled by her fiancé on her wedding day. She has raised Estella to exact revenge on all men. Pip assumes that Miss Havisham is his benefactress.

Estella The beautiful and haughty adopted daughter of Miss Havisham who taunts and attracts Pip. She does not know she is the daughter of criminals — Molly and Magwitch. She is trained to mistreat all men but after an abusive marriage grows to be a kinder person.

Mrs. Camilla, Mr. Raymond (Cousin Raymond, Mr. Camilla), Sarah Pocket, Georgiana Pocket Miss Havisham's toady relatives who pretend to care but are waiting to inherit her money. They resent Pip and see him as a threat.

London Group

Mr. Jaggers An immensely successful London trial lawyer; feared by all but loved by none. He first tells Pip of his expectations and serves as his guardian. He was Magwitch's trial lawyer and is Miss Havisham's personal attorney.

John Wemmick The chief clerk for Jaggers. In the office, he is unemotional but at home is a caring, gentle man who becomes friends with Pip.

Molly The seemingly docile and obedient servant of Mr. Jaggers, who has powerful hands, a supposedly wild nature, and an infamous past. She is Estella's mother and only Jaggers and Wemmick know this until Pip figures it out.

Aged Parent (Aged P.) Wemmick's delightful and deaf father.

Miss Skiffins John Wemmick's lady friend and later, his wife.

Mr. Skiffins Miss Skiffins brother, who helps Pip set Herbert up in business.

Herbert Pocket (Pale Young Gentleman) Pip first meets him at Miss Havisham's when the two have a fistfight. They later live together in London and become best friends. Herbert is kind, unassuming, and loyal to Pip.

Clara Barley The gentle girl engaged to Herbert. She does not care about noble lineages and marries Herbert after her father dies.

Bill Barley (Gruffandgrim) Clara's alcoholic, abusive, bedridden father who was a former ship's purser.

Mrs. Whimple The elderly and kind landlady of the home where the Barleys live. Magwitch hides there under an assumed name.

Startop One of the young gentlemen being tutored by Mr. Pocket. He later helps rescue Pip and helps in Magwitch's unsuccessful escape attempt.

Bentley Drummle A belligerent gentleman at Mr. Pocket's who later marries Estella, beats her, and dies when thrown from a horse.

Matthew Pocket Herbert's father and Pip's tutor. He is intellectual, but ineffectual in controlling his wife or household. He is Miss Havisham's relative but is not interested in her money.

Mrs. Pocket (Belinda) Herbert's mother. She ignores her many children and spends her time tracing her noble lineage and dreaming of society life.

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