Character Analysis Jaggers and Wemmick


Jaggers and Wemmick are two more father figures who teach Pip how to be a man. Jaggers is a hard-working, self-made man, who is direct, true to fact, and a good man in his own way. Seeing the horrors of prison, and the abuse of children by the legal system, he takes in Molly and finds a home for Estella. But he seeks his security in control and power, and chooses to wash off both emotions and people instead of embracing them. He pays a cost in his life, knows it, and accepts it.

Wemmick is the transition character: a little of Joe and of Jaggers. He is true to fact in the office, and true to emotion at home. With Pip, he risks mixing his two worlds in London, something he would not do before, but he reaffirms the status quo of separation when he savages the client in the office for crying, and when he tells Pip at his wedding that Jaggers should not know of this. Wemmick is pragmatic about "portable property" because he cannot afford to be any other way. He is not rich and has a father and house to support. But he is also caring, industrious, creative, has an emotional side — even gets married. He embraces life, but draws a line to survive in his dual world.