Critical Essay Modern Equivalents of Place Names


There is not space here to give the modern names of all the places Caesar mentions, but the following items may help the reader to orient himself with a modern map.

The Morini lived in the area now called Flanders; the Venetii were in Brittany; the Ubii, Sugambri, Tencteri, and Usipetes all lived in an area north of Coblenz; the Venelli inhabited upper Normandy; most of the Belgic tribes lived above the Seine; Aquitania was in the area now known as Gascony; Cisalpine Gaul was approximately that part of modern Italy located north of the Rubicon; Illyrica lay along the coast of what is now Yugoslavia.

The modern names for a few of the rivers, towns, and regions mentioned may also be of some help: 

  • Arar: Saone
  • Avaricum: Bourges
  • Axona: Aisne
  • Cantium: Kent
  • Cenabum: Orléans
  • Durocortorum: Reims
  • Hibernia: Ireland
  • Itius portus: Boulogne
  • Liger: Loire
  • Lutetia: Paris
  • Mosa: Meuse
  • Narbo: Narbonne
  • Sabis: Sambre
  • Samarobriva: Amiens
  • Sequana: Seine
  • Tamesis: Thames