Character List


(Roman numerals after names of characters indicate books in which they appear or are mentioned.)

Acco (VI, VII) Leader of Senones; plots against Rome.

Adiatunnus (III) Commander of Sotiates.

Ambiorix (V, VI) Ruler, with Catuvolcus, of the Eburones; deceives and destroys Roman legion commanded by Cotta and Sabinus.

Andecomborius (II) Remi emissary to Caesar.

Antonius, Marcus (VII) Legatus.

Ariovistus (I, IV, V, VI) German king.

Atrius, Quintus (V) In command of fleet guard during second expedition to Britain.

Baculus, Publius Sextius (II, III, VI) Chief Centurion; hero at Aduatuca, with Galba in the Alps.

Balventius, Titus (V) Chief centurion, killed in Ambiorix' trap.

Boduognatus (II) Commander of Nervii in 57 B.C.

Brutus, Decimus (III, VII) Commander of Caesar's fleet in campaign against Veneti.

Caesar, Lucius (VII) Legatus.

Camulogenus (VII) Commander of enemy force at Lutetia.

Cassivellaunus (V) Commander of British force defeated by Caesar's second expedition.

Catuvolcus (V, VI) Leader of Eburones with Ambiorix; commits suicide.

Cavarinus (V, VI) Appointed king of Senones by Caesar; escapes assassination attempt.

Cicero, Quintus Tullius (V, VI, VII) Roman officer who is probably a legatus, although he is never cited by rank by Caesar.

Cimberius (I) Shares command of Suebi with his brother Nasua.

Cingetorix (V) King of one of the districts of Kent.

Cingetorix (V, VI) Disputes for chieftaincy of Treveri with his father-in-law, Indutiomarus, later is made chief by Caesar.

Commius (IV, V, VI, VII) Made king of Atrebates by Caesar; taken prisoner by Britons when Caesar sends him as emissary.

Conconnetodumnus (VII) Shares leadership of Carnutes with Cotuatus during the great rebellion.

Considius, Publius (I) Misinterprets battle situation and causes Caesar to miss an easy victory over the Helvetii.

Convictolitavis (VII) Chief magistrate of Aedui after Caesar arbitrates dispute between him and Cotus.

Cotta, Lucius Aurunculeius (II, IV, V, VI) Legatus, shares command of legion led into Ambiorix' trap by the blunders of Sabinus; killed by the Eburones.

Cotuatus (VII) Leader of Carnutes; with Conconnetodumnus he begins the fighting in the great rebellion of the Gauls.

Cotus (VII) The opponent of Convictolitavis for the Aeduan magistracy in 52 B.C.

Crassus, Marcus Licinius (V, VI) Caesar's quaestor.

Crassus, Publius Licinius (I, II, III) Younger brother of Marcus Crassus; frequently commands legion but not cited as legatus.

Critognatus (VII) An Arvernian; suggests cannibalism as solution to impending food shortage at Alesia.

Diviciacus (I, II, VI, VII) A pro-Roman Aeduan leader, brother of Dumnorix.

Diviciacus (II) King of the Suessiones.

Divico (I) Helvetian leader defeated by Caesar in 58 B.C.

Donnotaurus, Gaius Valerius (VII) Chief of the Helvii; killed by rebels.

Dumnorix (II, V) An Aeduan; plots with Orgetorix and the Helvetii; killed resisting Caesar's troops.

Eporedorix (VII) Aeduan noble who with Viridomarus betrays Caesar.

Eporedorix (VII) Another leading Aeduan having the same name; taken prisoner by Caesar.

Fabius, Gaius (V, VI, VII) Legatus.

Fabius, Lucius (VII) Centurion killed after climbing the wall at Gergovia.

Galba (II) King of the Suessiones.

Galba, Servius (III) In charge of Caesar's troops who open route through the Alps.

Gallus, Marcus Trebius (III) Tribune taken prisoner by coastal Gauls.

Iccius (II) Remi emissary to Caesar.

Indutiomarus (V, VI) A member of the Treveri who foments rebellion.

Labienus, Titus Atius (I-VII) Caesar's legatus pro praetore, the most important of the legati; his intelligence and ability win numerous major battles for the Romans.

Liscus (I) Chief magistrate of the Aedui in 58 B.C.

Litaviccus (VII) Partner of Convictolitavis; subverts Aeduan force by telling lies about Roman murders.

Lucanius (V) Chief centurion killed in Ambiorix' trap.

Lucterius (VII) Cadurci leader who organizes for Vercingetorix.

Mandubracius (V) Appointed ruler of Trinobantes in Britain by Caesar.

Mettius, Marcus (I) With Procillus is sent by Caesar as representative to Ariovistus; taken prisoner.

Nasua (I) Shares kingship of Suebi with Cimberius, his brother.

Orgetorix (I) Helvetian who foments war to take over Gaul; dies before his plans are carried out.

Pedius, Quintus (II) Legatus; nephew of Caesar.

Petrosidius, Lucius (V) Brave standard bearer in legion of Cotta and Sabinus.

Plancus, Lucius Munatius (V) Legatus.

Procillus, Gaius Valerius (I) With Mettius is sent by Caesar as representative to Ariovistus; taken prisoner.

Pullo, Titus (V) Competes with Lucius Vorenus for honor; a centurion.

Rebilus, Gaius Caninius (VII) Legatus.

Reginus, Gaius Antistius (VI, VII) Legatus.

Roscius, Lucius (V) Legion commander.

Rufus Publius Sulpicius (IV, VII) Legatus.

Sabinus, Quintus Titurius (II, III, IV, V. VI) Legatus; believes lies of Ambiorix and leads legion under his and Cotta's command into trap; continues to believe Ambiorix and is murdered.

Sextius, Titus (VI, VII) Legatus.

Silanus, Marcus Brutus (VI) Legatus.

Silius, Titus (III) Tribune taken prisoner by coastal Gauls.

Tasgetius (V) Hereditary prince, made ruler of Carnutes by Caesar; assassinated.

Terrasidius (III) Tribune taken prisoner by coastal Gauls.

Teutomatus (VII) King of Nitiobriges, joins Vercingetorix.

Trebonius, Gaius (VI) Roman knight.

Trebonius, Gaius (V, VI, VII) Legatus of the same name.

Velanius, Quintus (III) Tribune taken prisoner by coastal Gauls.

Vercassivellaunus (VII) Arvernian, cousin of Vercingetorix; one of the leaders in the great rebellions.

Vercingetorix (VII) Arvernian leader; commander of the Gauls and leader of their rebellion against Caesar.

Vertico (V) Nervian of rank; his slave brings Cicero's message to Caesar.

Viridomarus (VII) On Diviciacus' recommendation to Caesar, he is raised to a position of rank; with Eporedorix he betrays the Romans.

Viridovix (III) Chief of Venelli.

Volusenus (IV) Tribune who scouts the coast of Britain.

Vorenus, Lucius (V) Centurion who competes with Titus Pullo for honors.