Study Help Practice Projects


1. Create a Web site to introduce The Fountainhead to other readers. Design pages to intrigue and inform your audience, and invite other readers to post their thoughts and responses to their reading of the novel.

2. Choose a scene from the novel and dramatize it for other classes. The production will require putting the scene in play form, assigning roles, and directing and staging the production. Follow the performance with a discussion of the novel's themes.

3. Debate in class the need to think independently versus the need to be liked by other people. One student or group presents Roark's thinking on this issue, and another student or group presents Keating's.

4. Write a brief letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine defending Roark's right to his own intellectual property.

5. Discuss in class what human society would be like if Roark's convictions were dominant, if Toohey's were, if Keating's were, if Dominique's were. Have any countries ever been established on the principles held by any of these characters? If so, which ones?